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Bathroom Designs in India—Top 10 Bathroom Designs | AD India

Jul 1, 2019 //

Want your bathroom to showcase pure luxury? We bring to you ten well-designed, well-laid out, stylish bathrooms to take inspiration from

While a sophisticated, smart home is on everyone’s wishlist, a space that can truly make you feel comfortable and experience luxury is your bathroom. Soft tiles, ornate mirrors, good lighting, a soak-in tub, beautiful faucets…you get the picture. If it’s this bathroom you’re in search of, then look no more. Our special selection of some of the most lavish bathrooms will leave you hooked and booked. See below

Bathroom Designs in India: Pure Luxury

Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s Kolkata home blurs the lines between fashion and interior design. In his bathroom, timeless luxury meets utmost comfort. The master bath features a bathtub and gold fittings from Bathline (New Delhi); above it is a hand-painted F&C Osler chandelier. The walls and floors are largely in Jaisalmer marble.

Bathroom Designs in India: Expansive & Enviable

This bathroom is day-dream worthy. The tiling highlights the shower area and the large mirror adds a glittering touch to the ethos of the space. To create an inside-outside connection, the pebbled space next to the shower, with tall leafy plants completes the scene.