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Threesixtythree Degrees, Kolkata retains the heritage of the city

May 13, 2019 // Arya Chatterjee

The shining new restaurant Threesixtythree Degrees, Kolkata was recently renovated keeping Oberoi Grand, Kolkata’s regal legacy and heritage in mind. Akshat Bhatt of Architecture Discipline, a multi-disciplinary architecture practise based in New Delhi, had his own avant-garde take on the art and architecture of the city while recreating Threesixtythree Degrees.

Threesixtythree Degrees, Kolkata: A Glistening Space

With 4,800 square foot of space visible through clear glass panels, the restaurant is enclosed within laser cut brass and black painted steel windows. The entrance is made by converting an erstwhile bird cage and engineering room. As soon as you step into the door, an elliptical skylight greets you. Punctured through the slabs as well as the terrace gardens above, this skylight is eleven-meter long, three-meter high and three-meter deep. Natural light bathes this space which integrates the bar and restaurant.