Crafting a high-end, distinctive office space for a client engaged in manufacturing non-avionic components for the airline industry, the requirement was to create an engaging office which allowed a transfusion of positive and dynamic energy into a deeply compromised shell and conveyed the image of the organization and the program it had to perform. The first intervention for Naji sited in Gurgaon, spread across 2200 sq. ft. was to open up the space by removing the dividing partitions to make it look larger and brighter. The internal layout is planned around the central idea of a non-orthogonal geometry to create more visual depth. As one enters, two dynamic walls of multiwall polycarbonate sheet create a complex field of view, where ceilings descend into walls and fold, twist and bend. The floor is composed entirely of distorted triangles in muted shades that further animate the space. A curvilinear free-form meeting room with a table inspired by the section of an aircraft wing is conceived at the heart of the office, creating a visual focus for the space.

Gurugram, India