Interior | Retail

Sited at The New Oberoi Hotel, which spawns a high-end luxury international experience, the customized and curated store is conceived within this international collective construct as a step ahead of conventional high street retail to showcase a motley bunch of Indian fashion designers. The India Fashion Store is a cognizant attempt to stay away from Indian Kitsch, and instead craft a sacred space. It is envisioned as an austere House of Indian Fashion employing the hut as a rudimentary notion of shelter, with facets of the Indian design ethos as architectural interventions. A candid reference is made to the Single Line hut diagram; planned in the form of the veritable architectural notion of the Plan, section and the Walls, a hut-like section with a pitched roof allows for the generation of a strong axis that facilitates the demarcation of the space into the two key components of a retail store- display and movement.


Neel Sutra Gurugram