Emotion and Commotion

“People often ask me why we do what we do at Architecture Discipline.”

This led me to wonder – how do we distill the ideas that define us and share them with the world? How do we lift the layers of technical drawings and construction details to uncover the essence of our practice and ideology? At the core of it all, what is architecture? What are we trying to achieve with the practice of architecture?

Akshat Bhatt and the Office of Architecture Discipline present ‘Emotion and Commotion,’ a graphic compilation on the guiding principles of practice in architecture, design and life.

The book transcends traditional literature, providing an immersive and playful composition of visuals and words. It aspires to spark inspiration and contemplation—a testament to the transformative power of design.

This collection of thoughts, words and graphics is a serious yet playful depiction of the philosophies that we turn to when in doubt and that we hope you can turn to as well.

"Cut it, tear it, stick it, burn it, Find purpose, find meaning."

Download high-resolution images of selected posters from the book.

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Vector Art: Harsh Nambiar
Design and Curation: Tanya Khanna, Ishita Rawat, Suneet Zishan Langar, Shivani Vinod Kumar, Shivanjali Chaudhury