A Novel Way to Keep Safe: Wallpaper Magazine covers AD’s Concept for a Social Distancing Necklace

Wallpaper, UK

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‘It is a symbol of unity,’ says Akshat Bhatt, principal architect at Architecture Discipline. ‘The need was to make it easily available and simple, for it to uphold privacy and anonymity and allow people to be socially “normal” and not “distant”.’

The ergonomic circular ring design was a deliberate move to ensure the sensors could be mounted to cover a 360 degree angle. The neck, the straightest part of the body while moving, was the obvious place to wear it.

The first carbon fibre prototype was made using 3D printing. In the future, there are plans to include more typically fashionable materials; they cite velvet, plastic, gold and leather as the versions we could all be sporting if social distancing becomes the new norm.