Akshat Bhatt Delves Into the Essence of True Luxury

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Luxury has more to do with the quality of space, light, and air than the mere application of materials and shag pile carpets. Architects and interior designers assume a significant role in crafting spaces that provide a sense of comfort, peace, and well-being to its inhabitants for not just the present, but also the future. Design that encapsulates these values, along with the longevity of construction, are what most individuals desire from their spaces. These realisations have transformed our collective understanding of what luxury really means. 

The level of richness that can be achieved by understanding what a space is and what it brings to both its users and the wider community is truly remarkable. By designing a building from the inside-out as much as from the outside-in, we inculcate a sense of continuity and a healthy connection to the wider world. 

We must always aim to create naturally ventilated and well-lit spaces that offer openness and a sense of tranquillity to their inhabitants. Well-lit, well-serviced interiors allow for clarity of thought and promote stress-free living. The ambience of a space is largely dependent on the ingress of natural light and a line of sight to a pleasant view. Access to green and open areas also dramatically enhances the quality of living, setting luxury spaces apart from others.

Designing for Longevity

Design that is relevant to today’s age must embody a newness and delight and there are many ways to do this rather than cluttering our environments through the use of trend-driven materials and gestures. 

Building timelessly means designing spaces that are well-equipped for the future and are built to last. Accepting that our futures are unpredictable, flexible, open-plan evolutionary environments need to be created, lending themselves interchangeably to work, leisure and domestic activities. As sensibilities change, so do well-designed spaces — robust and flexible, they adapt to evolving needs and create a sense of optimism for the future. 

One of our upcoming projects is a workspace that breaks free the traditional cubicle arrangement with an open-plan layout and gathering spaces to foster collaboration, cross-learning, and a sense of community.

Sustainable Luxury

With the developing worry of natural issues, individuals are gradually changing their point of view and approach towards structure and putting resources into a home. Sustainable development is a necessity, it’s not a choice. In creating homes that are future ready, sustainability and self-sufficiency play a vital role. So thoughtful planning, thoughtful use of materials, and controlled consumption patterns are important. How do you reduce energy consumption in a room without resorting to a multitude of mechanized systems that will often fail or require frequent maintenance? How can you minimize material consumption? 

We are working on a residence that is built entirely out of glue laminated timber or glulam, a member of the mass timber family. Compared to materials like concrete and steel that release carbon during their production, mass timber sequesters carbon, making the material carbon-negative. With a structural performance comparable to steel and concrete, the material can also be treated to become fire and moisture-resistant.

Celebrating Individuality

Traits of uniqueness and individuality set one person apart from the other and it is vital that luxurious spaces celebrate the spirit of an individual and exude a sense of distinctiveness. I believe that glamour isn’t about being rich and owning fancy things; it is a result of the pursuit of perfection. Such spaces need to be thoughtfully designed and put together; they need to be confident and deliberate rather than flamboyant. Clarity and philosophical framework in one’s existence is cultured evolution; a space that reflects this in a subtle manner epitomises luxury. A space to call your own, that tells your unique story with integrity and authenticity, is a truly luxurious home.