An Immersive Retail Experience: AD designs the New Store for Perona in New Delhi

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Photo courtesy of Architecture Discipline

Apparel brand Perona has grown its retail footprint with a new location in Saket, New Delhi. Locally based studio Architecture Discipline spearheaded the design of the immersive retail space, which is characterized by the concept of flexibility with modular and reusable elements.

Spread across 1,175 square feet, the store is heralded to passersby via a large LED screen that animates the zone between the interior and the walkway. A muted neutral palette accents the sharp and strong industrial details of the interior. Reusable polycarbonate and curved stainless steel panels adorn the walls to create a foreground of dense black and gray material counterpoints in glass.

Drawing inspiration from the Shakespeare quote: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” changing rooms are housed beyond suede curtains, conceived as a theater’s green room.

“As a studio, we are interested in finding areas of work that slip between conventional territories and this project offered us certain freedom to explore that,” says Architecture Discipline principal architect Akshat Bhatt. “We wanted to create a shop display system that was ephemeral. The modular elements that populate the center of the space are meant to be reconfigured periodically, thereby allowing the viewer a fresh experience each time they visit.”