Redefining Retail: AD’s work on a Retail Store for Perona features on Elle Decor

Elle Decor, India

Featured on: Elle Decor, India

“As a studio, we’re interested in finding areas of work that slip between conventional territories. And this project offered us certain freedom to explore that. We wanted to create a shop display system that was ephemeral,” says Bhatt. Indeed, in some cases, classic Perona products grace the floor akin to objects in an exhibition, disconnecting the brand from the temporal dimensions of fast fashion.

The changing rooms are fashioned as green rooms in theatre, taking cues from Shakespeare’s famous quote ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Continuing with this theme, the products are enclosed within wooden panels draped in suede fabric to convey a sense of gravity mixed with comfort.

The overall neutral palette lends itself to an industrial character using sharp, bold details. Reusable polycarbonate and curved SS panels on the walls create a dense foreground with counterpoints in the glass. The imposing character is balanced by suede curtains that add textural variability and break down the monotony.

The metal diffuses and reflects the colour of the merchandise that’s suspended immediately in front of it and animates shadows, thus creating an immersive experience.