A Cultural Renaissance in India’s Famed Blue City

JDH Urban Regeneration Project | Jodhpur

The Jodhpur (JDH) Urban Regeneration project, commissioned by the Royal Family of Jodhpur and Motherland Joint Ventures, aims to restore the Walled city to its former grandeur, breathing new life into its invaluable landmarks. The project identified key pathological elements and used them as catalysts for the regeneration process. The first initiative was the restoration of a stepwell that dates to the 9th century, following which nodes were identified, restored, rehabilitated, and assigned functions to represent contemporary India. As part of the project, an old haveli was also converted into a contemporary retail outlet for Forest Essentials. The larger idea was to present the historical context of the city in an appropriate way to the world, and invigorate pride among the locals.




First phase completed in 2017


Motherland Joint Ventures


Jeetin Sharma

Design Diffusion