A Workplace Inspired by Aviation

Naji | Gurugram

The Naji office in Gurugram is an engaging workspace for a team of 8-10 involved in manufacturing components for the airline industry. The site presented many challenges with its odd shape, lack of natural light, and excess heat ingress, which had to be overcome. The central idea of a non-orthogonal geometry is used to organise the space and create more visual depth. Dynamic walls of polycarbonate sheet partition the space while a curvilinear, free-form meeting room, planned at the periphery, limits heat gain into the rest of the office. With the use of dynamic forms and curves inspired by the aviation industry, the space is transformed into a distinctive, engaging, and high-energy workplace.


Commercial Workplace

Built Up Area

2200 sq.ft.


Completed in 2013


Naji Aerotechnic


Jeetin Sharma

IIID Anchor Awards
Architecture + Design
Inside Outside
Indian Express