An Old – World Charm in a Space for New Collaborations

The Common Room | New Delhi

The design scheme for the Common Room in Dhan Mills, Delhi, is emblematic of an alternative mindset that propagates a cross-disciplinary approach to enterprise. The space, a refurbishment of a former warehouse, offers a mix of conference rooms, a library, an auditorium and a cafeteria with an eclectic mix of furniture, decor and artwork. In an ode to its learning-focused ethos, the workspace’s material palette is inspired by classrooms, blending green-tinted floors with coconut wood panelling and rattan furniture. Details in brass further induce a vintage charm while setting the stage for new ideas and new collaborations.


Commercial Workspace

Built Up Area

5500 sq.ft


Completed in 2017


Motherland Joint Ventures Pvt. Ltd


Jeetin Sharma