A Spectacle of Human Emotions

Parade of Souls | New Delhi

Conceptualised by principal architect Akshat Bhatt in creative collaboration with fashion designer Amit Aggarwal, ‘Parade of Souls’ is a pop-up installation in a gallery in New Delhi that celebrates the launch of the globally acclaimed fabric brand Jakob Schlaepfer in India. It comprises a set of mannequins that stand dramatically within a glass box with exaggerated drapes in nine handpicked Schlaepfer fabric pieces and are a reflection of the collective human march through days, months, and years, where one seldom gets the chance to stay static or deliberate. The mannequins are assembled in a manner that they either appear to ‘kill’ or ‘captivate’ the viewer, nothing in between. Although motionless, they appear to generate a sort of dynamism that provokes contemplation. Aiming to epitomise this experiential journey, the installation intends to invoke a corporeal dialogue over a visual one, juxtaposing human emotions in a spatial context.




Completed in 2020




Suryan Dang

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