Celebrating Artisinal Papermaking

The Paper Store

Located on a small site in a hotel in New Delhi, the Paper Store presented an opportunity to create a sensory experience through design. The intervention focuses on the artisan-like quality of papermaking and treats the interiors like a workshop, showcasing craftsmanship through its materiality and execution. The store uses a single material, smoked maple wood, in multiple expressions, creating an all-encompassing backdrop and allowing the product to shine. Cylindrical protrusions on the wall form installation-like dynamic displays that can be used flexibly to display new products. Built-in seating and select pieces of furniture, such as a large cuboidal coffee table, populate the space.



Built Up Area

130 sq. ft


Comple ted in 2016


Archana Press Pvt. Ltd.


Jeetin Sharma

Architectural Digest
Better Interiors
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