A Tribute to the Ethos of Indian Design

Neelsutra | New Delhi

Neel Sutra, a multi-designer fashion store, is emblematic of the rich tradition of Indian textile design and stands as a tribute to Indian fashion amidst the colonial context of one of New Delhi’s oldest markets, Khan Market. Rendered in a monochromatic palette of blues, the interior space forms an all-encompassing unit with painted walls that flow down to the parquet flooring in azure. Perforated boards and shelving units in neutral tones provide visual relief. The shelves themselves are designed to display sarees in unique configurations with trays at various angles, forming the impression of an installation.



Built Up Area

3500 sq.ft.


Completed in 2015


Neelsutra Designs Pvt.Ltd


Jeetin Sharma

India Art and Design
World Architecture New